New Summer Fabrics - Summer Suits and Casual Jackets

Summer Suits and Casual Jackets - Our New Summer Fabrics

Brand New Summer Suit Fabrics

Casual Jackets and Summer Style

Believe it or not but summer is on the way.   I know its hard to imagine with the remnants of "the beast from the east" still lingering, but its true.   Warmer weather is fast approaching and we welcome in our new Summer Seasonal fabric bunch.

Seasonal Fabrics | Colmore Tailors
Summer Fabrics | Colmore Tailors

Our Spring and Summer collection for 2018 contains fabrics by Solbiati, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Di Pray, Paulo Oliviera and Yorkshire Textiles.   Only the highest quality fabrics from the best merchants around.

The bunch is a vibrant blend of linens, wool and silk, and silk and linen blends.  Alongside 2ply super 120 wool, 100% wool travel suitings and 4ply tropical wool.   

Solbiati Blue Linen Jacket  | Colmore Tailors
Solbiati Summer Linen Jacket | Colmore Tailors

And for the first time we will also be offering cotton seersucker jacketing (below) by Solbiati.....the ultimate summer jacket fabric.

Solbiati Cotton Seersucker Jacket | Colmore Tailors

The jacket fabrics are offered in a blend of textured plains and checks, with a palette of brown, greys and blues.   The perfect summer colours for ultimate adaptability.  As at home with formal trousers as with casual chinos.   Wearable, stylish and packed full of character.  

Solbiati Green Linen Jacket | Colmore Tailors

Sitting alongside these are a couple of screamers.  We have a beautiful Solbiati linen available in red and green (green shown above left).   Alongside a stunning Vitale Barberis Canonico red boucle.   

Our suiting fabrics follow the same trend and feature stripes, check and plains in vibrant blues, and versatile greys.   

Barberis Blue Suit | Colmore Tailors
Barberis Pinstripe Double Breasted Suit | Colmore Tailors
Barberis Blue Check Suit | Colmore Tailors

All of these fabrics are available in limited quantities so don't hesitate.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  Order now to avoid any disappointment.

All of the above are available on our Made to Measure line

MTM Jackets from £599

MTM 2pc Suit from £749

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