Patience is Power - How Long Does a Bespoke Suit Take?

The Powerful Art Of Patience - How long should I allow for my bespoke suit?

Why Patient Planning Pays Off With Bespoke Suits

I've long thought that the art of patience is something we should all teach our children these days.  We live in a world filled with instant gratification, where our every whim is catered for at the click of a button.   Where the world can be accessed from our pocket and we can live and communicate remotely.   Brands play into this desire for immediate gratification and allow us to order clothes online and have them delivered same day, to order shopping and collect within the hour, and to post online and reach the world by lunchtime.   But at what cost?

Usually, these impulse purchases come at a price.   That's not to say they are immediately expensive in monetary terms, oh no.   But the true cost is borne out over time.   When we wait until the last minute to buy something we lose all our bargaining power.   We lose the ability to wait, to consider our options and to make the best choice in the long term.   And often, we lose the enjoyment of the purchasing process in a haze of rushing around and panic.   We have to compromise.  Sometimes on quality, often on style, always on fit, and sometimes on all three.  Not good.

I've been there.  In my teens, I often purchased items last minute on the high street as impulse buys, only to wear them once and discard them.   

How Long Does a Bespoke Suit Take | Colmore Tailord

There was the check shirt, that looked great at the time, but never went with anything in my wardrobe.   

There were the jeans that upon closer inspection had some jazzy stitching that I could just never get along with.   

And the cardigan, which was just a shade too long and didn't work as expected.   

It's good to learn from these mistakes as part of the sartorial process, but learn from them we must.

Remember the saying

"The most expensive clothes are those you never wear"

Over the years I have learnt the art of patience and the art of planning purchases.   I have learnt to take my time, to not rush and my wardrobe looks much, much better for it.  No longer do I feel the need to rush out and buy something to fill a hole.   Sure, there are many items I still desire but I have the patience and the foresight to weight up all my options and make the best choice.  

The best suits we have made have always been an ongoing collaboration between tailor and client.  Where each step is carefully planned, thought out, and the best option selected   Its sometimes hard to do this when you are in a rush and time is pressured.  Its often the slower, calmer decisions that are the best.

Our average times for ordering suits are:

  • Made to Measure - 6-8 weeks
  • Bespoke - 8-12 weeks

Usually its closer to the lower figure, so 6 weeks for MTM and 8 weeks for bespoke.  However, we do allow for all eventualities and advise that when there is a date in mind (for a wedding or a prior engagement) that you allow up to the higher end of the scale.  Its much more enjoyable this way.

We have made some suits in as little as 3 weeks when needed.   But it's best that these are the exception to the rule.   We'll do all we can to help, we always do, and we want you to enjoy and savour the process and to get the most pleasure out of it.

Your tailor is not just there to take an order and make a suit.  Sure this is a big part of the journey, but they are there to offer advice as accumulated over years of experience.   Be open to your tailor's advice, as much as the tailor should be open to yours.   

So plan, allow time, and most of all enjoy the bespoke process.   Having a garment made exactly as you want it is a joy, an utter allow yourself enough time to enjoy the process.   

Your wardrobe will thank you for it.

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