Mens Business Suits - Our top 5 tips

Mens Business Suits - Our top 5 tips

How to do men’s business suits

Men’s business suits that mean business

Suits are a thing of beauty.  They are one of life's pleasures and an essential part of the successful business man’s repertoire.   Whether you are a business owner or a barrister, an entrepreneur or an investor, having a solid wardrobe of men’s business suits is essential.

Here are our top 5 tips on men’s business suits.


The best colour for a man’s business suit, hands down, is mid-grey.  The grey business suit goes with absolutely everything, every colour, every shirt, and every shoe combination.   It rarely clashes and it ages well.   It is the very best.

The trick to making it work is the shade of colour, and the texture.  

A textured grey fabric provides depth, character and tons of sartorial style, perfect for your business suit.  

Go for a grey that looks almost mottled, and slightly imperfect.

On a small side note, if you have pets then grey hides pet hairs perfectly….so that annoying moment when the cat brushes your leg on the way out of the door is taken care of 😉



Business suits take a lot of abuse and are really put to work (pardon the pun).  To get the most of out your bespoke business suit make sure the fabric is hard-wearing, durable and able to stand up to the daily rigours of business life.

Friction points are created when the fabric is in contact with another surface.  Such as your seat when sat on a chair, your knees on the underside of a table when sitting at a desk (I’m guilty of crossing my legs and doing this), and your hands brushing the pocket opening of your trousers when reaching into your pocket.

Over time, this contact and friction work like a polish.  The friction smooths out the surface of the fabric, dries out its natural moisture, and causes the fabric to shine.

The best way to combat it is to get a mid-grey fabric with some bite and some weight to it.   Anything around the 14oz mark is perfect.   However definitely do not go lighter than a 12oz fabric.  I have bespoke suits that are over 5 years old, have been through the mill, and are still going strong today.  

And yes, they were both from Dugdale Brothers English and Town Classics fabric bunch and 14oz in weight.  This should form the staple of your business wardrobe.



In tip two you may have noticed that the main friction points on any man’s business suit are on the trouser.  And for a good reason… don’t take your trousers off as much as your jacket (I should hope), and trousers have more contact points.

Double the lifespan of your bespoke business suit and opt for 2 pairs of trousers.  If you pick a quality fabric, and have 2 pairs of trousers, your bespoke business suit may even outlive you.

Whilst a formal waistcoat is a very smart look (I wear them a lot), an extra pair of business trousers provides a much better ROI.  So if the choice is between a waistcoat or extra trousers...always choose extra trousers.



Opt for a semi-slim fit to your trousers, especially through the thigh.  We recommend a tailored trouser with around 2.5-3” of ease through the thigh (ease is the difference between your body measurement and the finished garment).   This provides a nice modern shape, whilst still retaining enough movement for comfort.

Business suit trousers that are too tight through the thigh tend to ride up when sat down and prove themselves to be very uncomfortable throughout the day.   

The lack of ease also pulls the trousers very tight and taught when sat down, which means they shine much quicker (see point 3).

So not only does the semi-slim trouser offer more comfort, it also lasts longer.   Win-Win



Trust your tailor.  By all means, let them know what you want, how you want it, and when you want it.  But trust them, be open to advice, be open to ideas and let the tailor do their thing.  

The best business suits we have made have always been a collaboration between tailor and client.   Both bringing their own perspectives to the table, both listening, and both collaborating to create a bespoke suit of unique beauty.

Listen to your tailor and you will benefit from years of experience, bags of passion and bucket loads of advice.

And any good bespoke tailor should be open to ideas, should listen intently to your requirements and welcome a different viewpoint.  



Think about the lifecycle of your suit and plan.   If you select the right cut, the right fabric and the right style…. there is no reason why the jacket should not turn into a blazer when the trousers are done.   

Often guys state that the trousers are the first thing to need replacing on a business suit.  However, if you add either slanted or patch pockets to your suit, pick a tough rugged fabric, and cut the suit just so, then you have a great jacket when the trousers are done.

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