How to Look Your Best at a Black Tie Event

How to Look Your Best at a Black Tie Event

Autumn is a busy time for black tie, evening wear and the tuxedo.   

From made-to-measure (MTM) dinner suits to bespoke velvet tuxedo jackets.

But with the lines of formal and casual becoming ever more blurred what should you wear to a black tie event?

For any black tie ball, or formal evening event, you will never fail with the timeless, elegant peak lapel dinner suit.  Available as both a jacket, or a full suit from Colmore Tailors

Colmore Tailors | Peak Lapel Dinner Suit


There is a reason why classics become classics.  Its because they look awesome, they don't age, and they always make you look good.  

Satin silk peak lapels frame the face and are the most formal of all the lapels.   The lapels outward lines lead down to a single button closure.  With the lines creating breadth across the chest and giving a more sculpted waistline.    

The pockets are cut either straight for a traditional look, or slightly slanted to add a touch of modern sensibility.  Slanted pockets add a slimming effect and chisel away at the wearers midsection.  Made without pocket flaps, but with jetted openings faced with the same silks used for the lapels.

The trousers are without belt loops but with side-adjusters to create an clean and elegant look.  The outside leg of the trouser features jetted pockets and either a single or double silk braid (pictured with a double).

Available from our excellent CERIMONIA bunch from just £599.99 for a jacket and £749.99 for a suit.  Available in 4-5 weeks (express delivery in as little as 3 weeks)

For a modern twist on the classic dinner suit choose the shawl lapel tuxedo.   Forward thinking, confident and with a bag full of panache, you will turn heads and stand tall. 


Shawl lapels have become more popular of late with leading men such as David Beckham and Bradley Cooper sporting them.   

Whereas the peak lapel forms a notch where it joins the collar, the shawl lapel forms a continuous line all around the back of the neck.  Again, the lapel is faced in satin silk, and it can be regular in width, or wider, the choice is yours. 

The pockets are again, cut either straight or slightly slanted.   Always without pocket flaps, and only with a jetted opening which is faced with the same silks used for the lapels.   A single button closure features a link button and all buttons are faced in the same silk as the lapels.

The trousers are as the peak lapel suit but are shown here with a single satin braid to the outside leg.

Whereas we always recommend the jacket to have silk covered buttons, we do advise to have normal buttons on the trousers.  This stops the hip pocket button from being uncomfortable when seated and stops it from catching on chairs.

Again, available from our excellent CERIMONIA bunch from just £599.99 for a jacket and £799.99 for a suit.  Available in 4-5 weeks (express delivery in as little as 3 weeks)

Colmore Tailors | Shawl Lapel Tuxedo

Lastly, and by no means leastly, we have the velvet evening jacket.   Available in both of the above styles, but with one huge difference....velvet.   And yes, you will look awesome, so very awesome.  


Colmore Tailors | Velvet Evening Jacket

This can be made with either shawl or peak lapels, and styled as either of the first two suits.   The velvet works best in deep colours, so think bottle green, plum purple, midnight blue (shown above) or burgundy.    And yes, we have them all available....we are good like that.

Again, available from our CERIMONIA bunch starting at just £549.99 for a jacket.

And there you have it.  The perfect way to dress for any black tie event, and ideal for any charity ball, sportman's lunch or works Christmas party.  


So if you are heading along to the Curry King of Birmingham at the ICC, Downtown in Business Awards at Edgbaston Cricket Club, BYPY, or the Midlands Business Awards, get in touch and we'll make sure you look your very best.  Its what we love to do.

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