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Bespoke tailoring is in our blood, and tailoring is what we love.

Remembering the days when there was a bespoke tailor on every street corner in Birmingham

Believe it or not, but years ago bespoke clothing was the norm.    Ready-to-wear had not been thought of and Birmingham's streets were teeming with tailors.   It was not uncommon to have a tailor on the corner of every street.

Over the years RTW has become more prominent, sacrificing fit (the most important part of clothing) and replacing it with speed and impulsiveness.    Don't get me wrong, RTW has its place, but my heart will always be with custom tailoring, made to fit me and me alone.

Even when RTW had launched Birmingham still had tailors galore.   Little by little most of them have either retired, closed or (sadly) passed away.   Often most have left without sharing any of their knowledge, without passing their skills on, and with their customers growing old with them.

Chatting away in our city workshop with our team of experienced tailors we decided to compile a list (not exhaustive or complete) or all the tailors we have known in the great city over the years.

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In no particular order:

  • Cheathams
  • Reid Brothers
  • Reg Pavely
  • Kapnisis (who we spoke to a couple of weeks back)
  • Pressburger
  • Chetwyns
  • Lou Bloom
  • John Salisbury
  • Callaghan Tailors (who sadly passed away recently)
  • Georgiou Llalos
  • Williams
  • Phillip Collier
  • George Saunders
  • Harry Winters
  • Maurice Goldstein
  • Tommy Waters
  • Andrew Lessor
  • Platts (Dale End)
  • Lyndsey Dallow
  • Bert Wilkinson
  • Browns

***Updated - It's been pointed out that Austin Reed used to do made-to-measure from their store on Temple Row - Unfortunately they have since gone in receivership and closed***

Writing them all down took our breath away a little.   The sheer number of tailors was staggering.   And there is no way this list is complete and no way we have included them all (despite our best efforts).

So we are here, fighting the good fight for tailoring.  Where there were many there are now few.   Some would see this as a positive, the people who are left now, in less favorable market conditions, must really love what they do.   And they would be correct, we do this for the sheer love of tailoring.

For the love of a crisp trouser break

For the love of shoulders that sing

For the love of fabrics with bite, with depth and with character

For the love of a nipped in waist

For the love of tailoring

Can you think of any more tailors?  Are there any we have missed?   And have you used any of the above tailors? 

Get in touch and share your stories....

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