What is a lounge suit?

Lounge Suits

What does Lounge Suit mean on a dress code?

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With event season in full swing, it's a question you may hear around the office once or twice.   Events are coming along thick and fast and all the different dress codes and rules can be a tad confusing.    For those used to the codes, this poses no problems, but if you are new to the circuit it can be a little confusing.

To put it simply a lounge suit is....well....a suit.  pretty straight forward huh?

The exact definition is:

"a man's suit consisting of a matching jacket and trousers, worn during the day, especially in the workplace."

Colmore Tailors | What is a lounge suit?

A lounge suit can also be referred to as a business suit when in appropriate colours.   That said, any invite that describes the dress code as "business suit" doesn't sound half as exciting.

It's worth noting that any dress code that states "lounge suit" will expect a shirt and tie too.  

No open necks......until after 3 glasses of chablis anyway.

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