Obsessed with bespoke tailoring is a great way to describe the owner of Colmore Tailors. 

Scott Caddick (pictured) has been in love with bespoke menswear and passionate about made to measure suits since his teens, and has been honing his knowledge ever since

In fact, he is utterly obsessed with fit and figuration and is relentless in his pursuit of perfection

Scott’s view is that tailoring should be easy to wear and stylish, and he has a particular soft spot for textured fabrics. His passionate nature spills over into everything about Colmore Tailors and this desire to create the best suit every time is clear. Often found on trains reading old pattern and design books, or the latest issue of The Rake, Scott is up to date and aware of current styles, whilst having a deep rooted knowledge of classic tailoring.

Scott has created Colmore Tailors aesthetic from personal experience and extensive road-testing and sampling. The Colmore Tailors suit marries the best of English and Italian influences and craft, creating a totally unique and effortless garment for now and for years ahead.

I highly recommend Colmore Tailors for all of your tailoring needs
— SL | Birmingham