For some men chalk-stripes can hold a great deal of fear. The thickness of the stripe makes a bold statement about the man beneath it.  About who he is, and who he wants to be.  Some, myself included, prefer to go under the radar.   

For others the chalk-stripe is a statement of intent.  Its boldness means business, shows confidence and resonates masculinity.    And for this suit, and for Mr Bruce, it was a perfect match.

Colmore Tailors | Chalk-stripe Double Breasted Suit

Some suits do take your breath away.  As soon as you see them you get excited, you feel butterflies, and this was one of them.   Cut to sit snugly to the body and follow the lines of the torso as close as possible.   

The client wanted a durable, workable cloth and selected a perfect 14oz navy from Dugdales English and Town Classics bunch.   

The design of the suit was quite classic, but still with enough style to create a sharp modern look.    The lapels were slimmed down a tad to give the jacket more of a current feel, with the shoulders being roped slightly to give a masculine boldness.

Colmore Tailors | Navy Chalk-stripe Double Breasted Suit

There is a robustness about the cloth that lets you know its going to make up beautifully.   It harks back to yesteryear and screams quality.  The fact that Dugdale's have been producing this cloth for over 50 years tells you all you need to know.  It is truly a fabric you can "put to work."

Now, this isn't a suit for everyone.  The current trend for lightweight suits shows no sign of slowing down, but I find the suppleness of unstructured jackets better for the weekend.     

This suit is much more structured, more secure, and a lot more dominant than its Italian cousins.   This is an English suit, in all its glory.   Strong, sure, and with you every step of the way.   Its a magic suit, one that can cure a hangover...or so it feels.  

Colmore Tailors | Kissing Buttons

- Fabric from Dugdale English Town and Country Classics

- Ref 9447

T-07847 483867