Battle Cry - Why we love tailoring

Battle Cry - Why we Love Tailoring

Who are we, and what is our purpose? 

Why we love tailoring so much, and what drives our love for suits.

Whats our purpose?  It’s been a question that’s been going around my head for a few days now.    We know what we do but why exactly do we do it.  The obvious answer is because we love suits, we love tailoring and we love clothes.   This is true, but I always felt why we do what we do was bigger than just suits, it stood for something more….and that’s what we are getting to the bottom of.

We have 2 beliefs that are fundament to us, and shape who we are, are why we are here.


We believe in timeless, classic style.   

We believe in clothes built to last, that are interchangeable and utterly wearable. 

We believe in clothes that compliment the wearer and offer the most opportunities to wear.   We believe people should be able to build solid wardrobes, using stylish and classic pieces, made from durable and quality fabrics, and made to complement and fit the wearer.

A wise man once said, "the most expensive clothes you own are the ones you never wear".

Therefore a £600 jacket worn 100 times offer's better value than a £100 jacket worn 10 times.


We believe that what we do is not just about suits, it’s about people.   The best suits we have ever seen have been made through passion, hard-work, dedication, and most of all, through people.   And no, I don’t just mean just from the tailors themselves….this touches the core of every person involved in the process.   From the cloth merchants to the mills, to the tailors and the cutters, and the client and sometimes even their spouse (or future spouse).   The best garments, hands down, have come from an open and honest collaboration between all these people. 

And that’s really what we are about…people collaborating to make something bigger than the sum of its parts.  About paying respect to all those involved, listening and learning, and coming together to make a piece of beauty, to be worn and enjoyed for years to come. 

We just happen to make amazing suits.

Scott & The Colmore Tailors Team

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