Selecting the Right Fabric for Your First Suit

Selecting a Suiting Fabric for you First Suit

With so much choice, which fabric should you choose for your first suit?

Read on to find out which fabrics are best for your first tailored suit


Is it for the office? Is it is for the weekend?  Is it for both? Why does a garment have to be for one sole purpose?  Why can't you design the ultimate, flexible, go to suit?  Perfect for work, able to be worn as a jacket, goes well with chinos, looks good in meetings?  It sounds impossible but it'snot, its all about careful consideration.

In this post, we'll look at the best cloth for your go-to suit.

When it comes to weight 9-12oz mid-weight cloths are your friend, perfect for all year round. They are also durable enough to withstand the English weather and with enough "bite" to fight against creasing. Perfect!  

The colour has to be blue.  A mans best friend and utter classic. Everyone is comfortable in it, and it complements most skin types.  It goes well with jeans and chinos and is acceptable in the office. There are so many good blue cloths to select from that choice is never limited.  

My current favourite is a navy hopsack from Huddersfield Fine Worsted's Chelsea bunch which has great depth and a lovely texture.  The nature of hopsack allowing it to be comfortable broken up as a jacket, and worn as a suit....with the right styling of course.

Colmore Tailors | Huddersfield Fine Worsted Fabric

Huddersfield Fine Worsteds are a brilliant cloth merchant and bridge the gap between the luxury of Italian cloth and the performance and heritage of English cloth.  

Another Great option is this navy *birdseye cloth from Dugdale Brothers.  Dugdales are well known for durable and solid cloths and have become mainstays in many a gents wardrobe.    

This navy cloth is made from **super 120's wool and cashmere giving it a luxurious feel with all the durability they are known for.  This is truly a cloth that can be "put to work".

Once you add a stripe or a check into a cloth it limits the amount of garments it can be matched with as you have to pattern match.  Sidestep this by choosing a plain, such as the navy hopsack or birds-eye cloths above. They offer enough ruggedness to allow them to be used as either a jacket or a suit.  

In my personal collection I have a 2 piece suit made from a 12oz Barberis birds-eye cloth.  For most people the trousers are worn more than the jacket but with this suit its the other way around.  I wear the jacket more with jeans and chino's than as a suit because it offers than flexibility.   If I'm in a rush I know I can throw the jacket on and it'll work.  I've also lost count of the amount of times people have complemented me on it.  And its only a plain!

Blue is a year round colour and can be worn at weddings, on weekends away and in the office.  Its your friend, your team-mate and your business partner.  Choosing a subtle cloth wIll make you stand out from the crowd, but in a very classy and understated way. 

For the ultimate suit cloth look no further.

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*Birdseye - This is a style of cloth characterised by tiny little dots running throughout.  From a distance it looks plain but up close can be seen to have lots of small pupil like dots running through it.

**Super 120's - The Super number is a measure of the fineness of a thread of wool.  The higher the number the finer the thread, therefore the more threads are packed per square inch.