Green and Gold - Introducing Autumn Colours

Green and Gold - Introducing Autumn Colours

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Autumn Colours

If there is one thing that can hold back a gents wardrobe development its colour, or rather a lack of it. Quite often the default setting of navy and grey provide a safe haven that many do not tread outside. Rightly so navy and grey form the basis of modern men’s wardrobes. They are the staples upon which a solid wardrobe is built. However gently introducing colours is the next logical step.

Two often overlooked and highly underrated colours are green and brown, however they are a perfect addition to a solid wardrobe. Whilst darker shades of green and brown are the most useful tones, lighter shades can work beautifully on lighter skin and blonde haired gents.

With this in mind we roped in our good friend and sartorial enthusiast Dan Foster for some pictures around Birmingham.

The green suit is made from a Loro Piana fabric usually used for jacketing only. Its a super 130’s hopsack green with a hint of grey tone to it. The depth of the green means it goes well with dark navy and mid greys and breaks down into a great Neapolitan style jacket too. The fabric itself itsn’t really suitable for daily use as trousers so future planning the jacket to stand alone is important.

Dan’s jacket is a perfect example of lighter shades working well with lighter hair. The vibrant shade was chosen to match his hair and brighten his whole complextion. The blend of silk and wool brings out a slubby, almost donnegal like texture, something that the Italians have always been good at doing.

I wear the green jacket on its own most weeks and its quickly become an important wardrobe staple. The tone and depth means it easily combines with the grey and navy trousers i frequently wear, and is as at home with more formal worsted trousers as it is with casual cottons.

Dan’s jacket is great example of using skin tone and hair colour as inspiration. Dan has teamed his jacket with navy cotton trousers, a blue stripe shirt and a shantung tie. The textures of each item complementing the other without looking too samey. The said, he could easily swap the trousers to a more smooth worsted for a more formal look.

Both jackets/suits have been made in our soft style taking influence from Neapolitan tailoring. The shoulders are soft and with spalla camicia sleeve heads, the canvas light and the jackets moderately shaped with slightly open foreparts.

A full list of fabrics are below.

Scott wears

2pc Suit - Loro Piana ref 647054 Super 130’s

Shirt - Getzner ref GE005 Satin

Dan Foster wears

Jacket - Di Pray PR0118 Silk and Wool Blend
Pictures by the excellent JABR - see more here

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