That Bespoke Green Jacket

A Wedding Jacket For Mr Fletcher

Loro Piana Super 130’s

Green and Blue Check Bespoke Jacket

We were recently commissioned by a client to make a bespoke jacket for his upcoming wedding. Weddings these days come in all shapes and sizes…..from the super traditional church weddings, to the more easy-going barn style. Each reflecting the style and characters of the lucky couple. This wedding erred towards the later and came with a brief.

The client didn’t want to look traditional, it just wasn’t him. He wished to wear the item again and wanted something a little different, but still with style and class. He also wanted to feel comfortable and relaxed, whilst still retaining a sharp look. With this in mind we floated the idea of a jacket and trouser combo, which would open up his choice on the top half to the slightly more detailed jacketing fabrics, which tend to be woven slightly lighter and more open. On the bottom half we would then look for texture and strength to play a supporting role and the open weave of a high-twist wool would be just perfect. He could also see himself wearing a jacket again more than a suit, so some good future planning comes into play. That’s the thing with weddings, if you plan the garments life out a little you can get a cracking outfit for the day, and for the future….which really makes it outstanding value.

After some deliberation and skin tone checks we settled on a Loro Piana fabric from their new JACKETS 690 bunch (replacing the old 690). The bunch is a riot of muted and rich colours in plains and checks, all woven from either 250gram superfine wool. or 260gram super 130’s.

As our existing clients will know, the first appointment with us is the longest. We always aim to get the garment as close to perfect as we can first time and our measuring is somewhat in-depth. Well this was the perfect example of what we aim for, with the garment being spot on first time. Balance was perfect, shoulders nice and clean, and with a lovely nipped in waist. Made in our soft style this really ticked all the boxes.

Suffice to say, we have a happy client. And a happy bride ;-)

Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think

Loro Piana JACKETS bunch is available from £899.99 for a jacket.

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